BREAKING: Dr. Lara Kollab says Israel supporters ‘should have their immune cells killed’

In Dr. Lara Kollab’s recent “apology,” she attempted to blame Israeli Jews for her disgusting tweets and also made the claim that she was just young.

Since she had previously been caught lying about her account being a fake, Canary Mission began to verify her new claims, diligently trawling through our archive of her Twitter feed. We found some very disturbing new material.

On May 4, 2013, Kollab tweeted: “Studying for my med micro final, came across this. Clearly, I pay attention in class and write very useful notes.”

The tweet featured a handwritten note that read:

“People who support Israel should have their immune cells killed so they can see how it feels to not be able to defend yourself from foreign invaders.”

It is worth noting “People who support Israel” – that’s a lot of people, not just Jews…

In other tweets, she openly expressed her desire to use her academic and future medical work to further her extreme political views.

Canary Mission has accepted numerous apologies since we began. We remove profiles when we see real signs of understanding that bigotry and racism are wrong. We cannot accept Dr. Kollab’s apology because it isn’t genuine.


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EDITORS NOTE: This column with images by Canary Mission is republished with permission. The featured photo is by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.