Muslim rape gangs weren’t probed due to ‘political correctness’

This has been obvious, and widely reported upon (at least at sites such as Jihad Watch) for years. But little has actually changed. Look at the Express headline: it still uses the politically correct euphemism “Asian” for Muslim, even though Hindus and other Asians have not been involved in these rape gangs. And this is the very first establishment media news story in all these many years that actually says straight out that the perpetrators were Muslim. The British press still hasn’t reported, however, and probably never will, that these rapists were working in accord with Islamic teachings regarding the sexual enslavement of infidel women (cf. Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, and 70:30).

“Asian grooming gangs abusing schoolgirls weren’t probed due to ‘political correctness,’”

by Chris Campbell, Express, August 10, 2017:

ASIAN grooming gangs were not investigated “rigorously” enough because of political correctness, according to a former Crown Prosecution chief.

Ken Macdonald said there had been “past reluctance” to look into Muslim men who had been targeting white girls.

But speaking on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, Lord MacDonald said that was no longer the case after recent prosecutions.

The Liberal Democrat peer’s comments come after 18 people were convicted of or admitted offences in a series of trials related to child sexual exploitation in Newcastle.

He said: “I think there has been in the past a reluctance to investigate a category of crime that people might believe attaches to a particular community in circumstances where men may be targeting young women.”

Presenter John Humphrys cut in to clarify which part of the community he was referring to.

He said: ”In other words, we’re talking about – by and large – Muslim men who have been targeting white girls?”

Lord Macdonald replied: “Yes, exactly.”

Mr Humphrys then asked if political correctness had “interfered with the course of justice”.

Lord Macdonald reiterated cases has not been looked into as they should have been.

He said: ”I think that’s no longer the case and I think the fact that these sorts of cases are now being brought successfully demonstrates that those sorts of so-called taboos no longer exist – but I don’t think any of us can pretend that in the past these cases have been examined as rigorously as they might have been.”…


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At least 53 Areas in Sweden Controlled by Extremists, Gangs

The widening gaps between immigrants in the suburbs and the rest of society has created both the extreme right and Islamic radicalization.

More than 53 areas in Sweden are controlled by Islamist extremists, criminal gangs or a combination of the two. In some of these areas, open recruitment of Muslim terrorists is rampant.

The statistics were found in a report prepared by the national operative department of the police and publicized by the Stockholm regional police inspector Lars Alvarsjo, who warns that, “The legal system, which is a cornerstone of a democratic society, is about to collapse in Sweden.”

It has become an everyday occurrence that police in these areas are met by a barrage of stones and Molotov cocktails, says Alvarsjo. Even paramedics dare not enter these areas without bulletproof vests, he says.

Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism and radicalization researcher at the Swedish National Defense College, concurs with this assessment.

“In the worst areas extremists have taken over, while the Swedes apathetically look on. The sense of justice and security are threatened as the police are about to succumb — and it only seems to get worse,” he says.

Ranstorp says the situation is a symptom of a larger social problem. “Ordinary Swedes sit in the center of big cities and refuse to see what is happening in their world,” he says.

Ranstorp predicts that warnings by the police will not be enough to wake up the population and the politicians, citing the fact that it was only when migrants poured into Sweden at a rate of 2,000 a day in August that Sweden closed its borders.

“There must be a total collapse of the police before it changes anything,” Ranstorp says. “We are in a disastrous situation with widening gaps between immigrants in the suburbs and the rest of society. It creates [both] the extreme right and Islamic radicalization.”

Swedish authorities estimate that close to 300 Swedes have joined the Islamic State. In areas for Gothenburg and Stockholm, there are reports that Islamic religious police have taken over police powers.

Lack of action by Swedish authorities has contributed to the rise of the far right, as well, with one such group reportedly attacking a group of migrants in Stockholm.


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German Cops Break up Massive Migrant Brawl Over Sharia Law

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Muslim migrants in a brawl with Swedish police (Photo: Video screenshot)

‘Brutal and ruthless’ Muslim gangs terrorize streets of European cities

Welcome to Eurabia! “Muslim and Gypsy Gangs Battle For Supremacy on Streets of Europe,” by Oliver Lane, Breitbart, August 16, 2015:

“Brutal and ruthless” Muslim, and “violent” Roma gypsy gangs are terrorising the streets of dozens of major European cities, as they vie for control of lucrative black market trade.

Running drug rings and pimping prostitutes, as well as owning legitimate street businesses can be worth tens of millions of euros a year – and more – to the immigrant criminal gangs of Europe. Having influence over territory is key to making this business model work, and as well as fighting each other the vast ethnic gangs are also fighting themselves, as influential families compete.

German magazine RP Online reports the scene at a Dusseldorf hospital this past weekend, which was turned into a fortress by state police to prevent what they feared were to be serious riots. A number of members of the same family had been admitted for treatment after a mass brawl and officers feared a siege as others attempted to finish the job.

Reports indicate that much of the infighting between the Roma gangs are over the ownership of women, while the Arabs are much more profit-motivated. Even in areas where gypsies have seized control of the prostitution rackets, they are still forced to pay protection money to the Muslims who rule the city, reports the Berliner Kurier. reports a theme often repeated in relation to these gangs, that they are ruthless, violent and exist entirely independently of national law. Running whole neighbourhoods of Germany’s largest cities, the Arab gangs operate their own parallel legal system, where the punishment for treason is death.

For Muslim shopkeepers who aren’t even part of the gangs, keeping a restaurant or hookah bar on the wrong street can mean enormous liabilities in protection money paid to one of the influential Arab gangs. Sustained non-payment of this money is punished with death. Likewise, anyone who “betrays his own people to the Germans, risks his life”, wrote hard-line judge Kristen Heisig before her mysterious death in 2010.

Her apparent suicide happened only days after she had submitted a manuscript for her latest book to her publishers, in which she warned without serious reform and a more hard-line attitude to gangs, Germany would “lose the struggle”. In the five years since, the situation has spiralled out of control as mass migration has provided re-enforcements for the gangs.

Berlin police estimate of the 30 criminal Muslim family clans in Berlin, each of which has up to 500 members, one tenth of all members are engaged in serious criminal activity at any given time. And they dominate the criminal landscape: a German senate report found that between 2011 and 2014, the majority of all gang crime suspects in the country were of “Arab origin”.

These conflicts are not without victims outside the Muslim and Gypsy communities. Only last month, a bloody shoot-out in Berlin last week between rival Muslim families caught a civilian in the crossfire. A 62-year-old artist was rushed to hospital in critical condition after she was struck in the thigh by a stray bullet as she rode by on her bicycle.

German police say the gangs are hard to crack because the national law enforcement system is not set out to deal with the problem. When individuals are arrests for gang crime their family structures aren’t recorded, so it becomes difficult for officers to build up pictures of who is related to whom, and how gangs operate….


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