Iran’s President: “Zionists Have Tried to Block This [Nuclear] Deal but Failed”


Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei trampling Israeli flag after nuclear agreement.

The Obama Administration and the mainstream media are saying that the deal is advantageous to both sides. The Iranians are saying otherwise. Of course, Obama and the mainstream media may not think that a deal that harms Israel is disadvantageous.

“Hailing deal, Rouhani slams ‘usurper Zionist regime,’” Times of Israel, July 14, 2015:

Toward the end of an address to the the Iranian people on state television, Rouhani takes a jab at Israel, saying that the Jewish state had “failed” in its attempts to stop the country’s nuclear project.

“Today people in Lebanon and Palestine are happy because Zionists have tried to block this deal but failed,” Rouhani says.

“Do not be deceived by the propaganda of the usurper Zionist regime,” he notes, adding that “the Zionist state has failed in its efforts” to obstruct the deal and Iran’s nuclear program.

EDITORS NOTE: Iran is the greatest exporter of soldiers of Allah (Fitnaphobes). Iran’s mission is to stop the Fitna regionally, globally and establish a neo-Islamic Caliphate. The Caliphate will then become the leader of the Global Islamic Movement whose mission is to stop any and all resistance to Islam and shariah laws (Fitna).

An Iran with nuclear weapons will make this a reality.


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Iran-flagged Ship Targets U.S. Navy with Laser

The Iranians continue to show in numerous ways that their hostility to the U.S. has not dimmed to the slightest degree, and that any nuclear agreement with them would be foolhardy in the extreme. For Obama and Kerry, however, it is full speed ahead.

“Iran-flagged ship targets U.S. Navy with laser,” by Barbara Starr, CNN, July 9, 2015:

Washington (CNN)A U.S. Navy ship and helicopter were repeatedly targeted by a laser device on board an Iranian-flagged merchant ship beginning on Sunday in the Gulf of Aden, according to a U.S. defense official.

No U.S. personnel were hurt or equipment damaged in the incidents which ended on Wednesday, the official said.

The bridge area of the USS Forrest Sherman and one of its helicopters were targeted, the official said.

The Navy is not certain exactly what the device was, or how powerful it was, but believes it was not of industrial or military grade quality since there was no damage.The incidents are viewed at this point as harassment from the Iranians.


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Iranian City Offers Combat Training Program for Children

The municipality in the city of Mashhad (a large city in northeastern Iran) has launched a combat training program for children called the City of Quranic Games and Resistance. The program was under the supervision of clerics from the Iranian system of hawzas, Shiite religious seminaries.

Cleric school the children in the Quran and combat

Cleric schools children in the Quran and combat.

According to the official site of the Mashhad municipality, “The purpose of this program that began a few days ago is to introduce the children to the concepts of resistance, war, holy defense, knowledge of the enemy and fighting Saudi Arabia and America.”

Children participating in the combat training program

Children participating in the combat training program.

The children are training in groups of 10-15 in seven different types of martial arts. They wear military uniforms with headbands bound across their foreheads with the word “resistance” written on them.

Iranian human-rights activists say the program is to prepare the children to be jihadis similar to how ISIS is training children in Iraq and Syria.

Children are trained at the camp with weapons

Children are trained at the camp with weapons.

Last month, Iraq’s al-Sumaria satellite TV network reported that the Islamic State had kidnapped at least 1,227 children from various neighborhoods in Mosul to be trained as “Cubs of the Caliphate.” The information was given to the network by the Kurdish Democratic Party spokesman in Mosul, Saeed Mamouzini.

Earlier this month, Iraqi police reported that 500 Iraqi children had been taken by the terror organization, 400 from Anbar, in the west, and 100 from Diyali, in the east.

The children are subsequently brainwashed and used as fighters, executioners and suicide bombers. Reports surfaced on July 8 that a14-year-old suicide bomber sent by the Islamic State killed himself long with 50 Kurdish fighters by driving a truck filled with explosives into a military checkpoint in Hasakah (northern Syria) Sunday night.

The latest Islamic State execution video shot in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, featured 25 “cubs” ranging in ages from 10-16 who executed 25 Syrian soldiers.

Meanwhile in Gaza,  it is estimated that  close to 30,000 high school students in  in grades 10-12 will have  graduated from paramilitary training camps, by the end of the year, designed to train the students  “to follow in the footsteps of the suicide martyrs.”

With the support of the Hamas government, close to 8,000 students participate in the camps yearly.


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60% of Women in one Iranian Province have Undergone Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation “is a Central African problem. Eritrea has almost 90 percent female genital mutilation. It’s a Christian country. Ethiopia has 75 percent female genital mutilation. It’s a Christian country. Nowhere else in the Muslim, Muslim-majority states is female genital mutilation an issue.” — Reza Aslan

Oops. Wrong again, Reza, and not just about Eritrea and Ethiopia being in Central Africa.

This Al Jazeera article calls FGM a “cultural” practice, but actually it is sanctioned by Islamic law: “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

“Study reveals shocking FGM prevalence in Iran,” by Hajir Sharifi, Rudaw, July 4, 2015 (thanks toThe Religion of Peace):

A new study has found the practice female genital mutilation (FGM) to be common in areas of Iran, refuting repeated government claims that the practice does not exist in the Islamic Republic.

The comprehensive report about FGM in Iran, released June 25 by Kurdish social anthropologist Kameel Ahmady, identified FGM in at least four Iranian provinces, most notably Hormozgan where nearly six out of 10 women had undergone the practice.

The rate of FGM was discovered to be 21 percent in West Azerbaijan, 18 percent in Kermanshah, and 16 percent in Kurdistan, according to field interviews and research conducted by Ahmady and his team.

The southern Hormozgan province, with a rate of 60 percent, had the highest FGM prevalence in Iran. Hormozgan province is one of the most improvised and undeveloped provinces of Iran.

In June 2014, the United Nation’s Human Rights Council in a direct letter to the Iranian government asked Iranian authorities to “accept” the existence of the practice in Iran, and take active steps to eradicate the practice in that country. Women’s rights groups have for many years condemned Tehran for trivializing or officially denying the issue.

The UN noted that Iranian Shiite authorities justified their inaction by framing FGM as a religiously sensitive issue that would cause anti-Shiite sentiment among the Sunni minority if it were banned.

Research shows the four provinces associated with FGM also have high rates of other types of violence against women, such as honor killings, child brides, forced marriage and polygamy.

Religion is used to justify the practice by all practitioners of FGM,” the research found. Among the Sunni Muslims, a branch known as Shafi’i has the highest rate of the practice.

According to Shafi’ie faith, a woman becomes a Muslim only when she is circumcised. Although there are different interpretations of religious directives, Mohammad Rabi’ie, a distinguished cleric in Kurdistan, believes that “FGM is the Prophet Ibrahim’s tradition.”

The followers of the Shafi’ie faith believe that a woman’s sexual desire is harnessed after being cut and whatever she does subsequently become halal, or acceptable to Islam.

It is also believed by some that FGM facilitates marriage by reducing the a woman’s sexual desire and helps her to remain virtues and pious.

The recent study shows that the same religious interpretation dominates the current practice. “They usually believe that FGM was practiced during the early years of Islamic Kingdom when the Prophet’s and Imams’ wives and daughters were circumcised,” Ahmady said.

Among the Kurds in Iran, FGM is mainly practiced by Sunni Shafi’i Kurds who speak the Sorani dialect, but not among Sunni Shafie Kurds who speak the Kermanji dialect. Followers of the Sunni Hanafi sect do not follow the practice, research found.

The Kurdistan province in Iran is predominantly populated by Sunni Shafi’i but there is a Shiite religious minority.

“The prevalence of FGM in Kurdistan is patchy and varies sharply from one region to another,” the researcher said, adding that FGM is mainly practiced in rural and undeveloped areas….


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