Band leader: ‘I saw Muslims celebrating in the streets after Paris attack’

Frontman of “Eagles of Death Metal” whose November Paris concert was attacked, said Muslims at theatre celebrated, prompting cancellations. Gigs of Band in Paris cancelled after leader speaks out.

The band which was playing the Bataclan theater in Paris during the terrorist attack last November has had concerts cancelled after their frontman said he saw Muslims celebrating the attack.

Eagles of Death Metal saw two major rock festivals in France pull the group from their lineup this August after lead singer Jesse Hughes told an American magazine he thought Muslim staff at the Bataclan had assisted with the attack.

“I saw Muslims celebrating in the street during the attack. I saw it with my own eyes. In real time! How did they know what was going on? There must have been coordination,” Hughes said in the interview last week in Taki, a right-wing American magazine.

“As we are in total disagreement with Jesse Hughes’s recent allegations given in an interview with an American media [outlet], both Cabaret Vert and Rock en Seine festivals have decided to cancel the band’s performance,” the two festivals said in a joint statement.

It is completely unreasonable to expect a man who survived a horrific attack in which 90 people were killed to refrain from speculating over the nature of the assault which could have killed him. Just because the Bataclan theater disputes that staff at the Bataclan could have assisted in the attack, that doesn’t mean there is no possibility the terrorists had help.

Even if Muslim staff at the Bataclan specifically were involved in the attack, something we are not suggesting is true, that would still not mean that all Muslims were terrorists or that Islam is an evil religion or any such anti-Muslim theories. For Hughes to allege they might have been involved is evidence only that he is trying to make sense of what happened at his concert.

Yet it seems his comments have been taken to show he is beyond the pale of acceptable discourse and is to be treated as a pariah. The statement put out by the rock festivals showed no understanding of why he might be nervous about Muslims and Islam, especially those Muslims working at the Bataclan, following his traumatic experience

Instead the festivals sought to silence all discourse on the events in November.

If anyone has a right to speak openly about their fears regarding Islamist terrorism, it’s the victims of terror attacks. Silencing and penalizing Jesse Hughes and others from speaking about their experiences, rather than showing compassion and understanding, will only foster outrage and fan the flames of intercommunal hatred.


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Muslim selfie girl loves Hitler, hates Jews

“Muslim woman’s cheeky selfie with anti-Islam group goes viral,” crowed the BBC. “Muslim Woman Takes ‘Peace Selfie’ In Front Of Anti-Muslim Protesters,” chirped the Huffington Post. “This young Muslim woman brilliantly countered an anti-Muslim protest — with selfies,” Vox exulted. “Defiant teen stands up to anti-Muslim protesters with amazing selfies,” cheered the Telegraph.

Just one catch, fellows.

“Media-Darling Muslim Selfie Girl: ‘Hitler Left Some Jews So We’d Know Why He Killed Them,’” by Raheem Kassam, Breitbart, May 21, 2016:

A Muslim girl who took a “defiant” selfie at an anti-Islam protest in Belgium allegedly posted anti-Semitic comments on her Twitter, Facebook, and accounts, according to a Belgian former soldier and a leading Dutch website.

Zakia Belkhiri, 22, was lauded as an “inspiration” by the media as her picture next to Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) protesters went viral.

But web sleuths have now claimed that Ms. Belkhiri’s “peace sign” in the picture is perhaps out of character for her. They claim she tweeted in 2012: “Hitler didn’t kill all the jews, he left some. So we [would] know why he was killing them”.

The tweet, seen in these screen-grabs, appears to have been sent on the 29th December 2012, is now circulating social media as people attempt to draw attention to Ms. Belkhiri’s alleged racist views. As Ms. Belkhiri has now deleted her account it is not possible to verify these tweets.

Shortly before she deleted her accounts, Ms. Belkhiri tweeted: “I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST JEWS THOSE TWEETS ARE FAKE THEY ARE PHOTOSHOPPED BUT if you don’t believe me that’s your choice people”.

zakia-belkhiri-jew-hate-1But social media users are also claiming her account allegedly read: “fuck that Jewish language” when she was asked if she wanted to learn Hebrew while critics claim her Facebook account expressed her hatred for Jews.

Immediately after the incident, Ms. Belkhiri deleted her Twitter account and told BBC Trending that “didn’t want to look like a girl who seeks attention”. It is unclear as to whether she told the same thing to the cameramen when she posed for pictures at the protest.

The initial story was lauded by Buzzfeed, whose writers called Ms. Belkhiri an “inspiration”, and by the BBC, the Telegraph, the Huffington Post, Vox, Mashable, Mic, and hundreds of other websites around the world.

Screen-Shot-2016-05-21-at-7.55.13-AMNBC’s Jake Heller was shocked to hear of these past alleged postings by Ms. Belkhiri.

But the Dutch website Geenstijl, which delivered a Dutch referendum on the European Union earlier this year, was less shocked: “Do you remember? The Muslim girl… what a mischievous opposition, when this innocent girl clearly demonstrated of all that white fascism.

“Unfortunately, she proved no exception, she proved the rule. She is the rule. The rabidly hating Jews rule where the average Muslim is concerned… The Internet does not forget. And screenshots are eternal. Oh yeah Zakia, you want fame? Enjoy it girl. We’ll keep an eye on you.”

And while Ms. Belkhiri claims that she wanted to avoid fame, it does not explain her tweet as she was first going viral, which read: “I ain’t a diva but don’t push me fame is like the sweetest joy next to getting money”.

Ms. Belkhiri’s social media accounts were first subject to mass deletions and now have been deactivated in their entirety.

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Muslim Migrants Sexually Harass and Rob Young women

“Turkish” sex attackers and Merkel premised Prime Minister Erdogan visa-free travel.

Young women sexually harassed & robbed in Cologne-style attack at Berlin street fest,” By RT, 16 May, 2016:

Karneval der Kulturen

Dancers take part in the Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures) street parade of ethnic minorities in Berlin, Germany, May 15, 2016 © Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters

Two female teenagers, 17 and 18 years old, were sexually harassed by a group of 10 men during a street festival in Berlin. The assault brought back memories of the Cologne sex attacks, which occurred during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Germany.

According to police, a group of around 10 young men surrounded the women as the two were dancing in front of a stage at the “Karneval der Kulturen” festival on Saturday night, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

The men allegedly pressed against the teens and groped them. The men blocked all the girls’ attempts to escape. One of the assailants reportedly stole the 17-year-old victim’s cell phone.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.06.23 AM

A 27-year-old bystander, who reportedly witnessed the scene, called the police. He began filming the incident after he saw one of the teens sitting down on the ground, shaking with fear. When one of the attackers in the group noticed it, he aggressively told the 27-year-old to get lost, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported.

Shortly afterwards police arrived and arrested three youngsters in the group, aged from 14 to 17. The stolen cell phone was retrieved and returned to the woman.

Police tweeted that the three suspects were known to the police from prior incidents, adding that “two are of Turkish descent and the third is unknown.”

 The “Karneval der Kulturen” (“Carnival of Cultures”) is a four-day festival that celebrates diversity in Berlin. More than 800 police were on patrol during the street extravaganza, RBB 24 reported.

The latest attack is reminiscent of one in the city of Cologne during New Year celebrations, where some 1,049 people were victims of attacks allegedly committed by men of North African and the Middle Eastern descent. About 821 complaints were filed with the police. The incidents provoked huge criticism of the German police and the regional interior ministry. North Rhine-Westphalia police came under fire for silence and inactivity on New Year’s Eve, and poor investigation of the crimes. Cologne Police chief Wolfgang Albers resigned a week after the incident

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 12.09.04 AM

It later turned out that over 1,200 people had fallen prey to attacks on New Year’s Eve in four German cities, more than half of them suffering sexual assaults.

Gangs of young men, presumably migrants, also molested women in Malmö, Karlstad and Kalmar in Sweden on New Year’s Eve, local media revealed in January. The news emerged after Swedish police were accused of ignoring sexual harassment at a Stockholm music festival.

Europe continues to face the biggest refugee crisis since World War II. An overwhelming 1.1 million asylum seekers arrived in Germany in 2015, and more are to come this year.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on To stay on top of what’s really happening please follow Pamela on Twitter  and like her on Facebook here. The featured image is of the Cologne train station where Arab mobs molested, raped and sexually assaulted German women.

Brussels ‘March Against Fear’ Cancelled Over Terror Fears

A solidarity rally with victims of last week’s terror attack in the Belgian capital Brussels was cancelled because of security concerns.

Organizers in Brussels cancelled a planned March Against Fear due to security fears of a follow-up terrorist attack.

The March 27 protest had been planned following the terrorist attacks last week which killed at least 28 and wounded hundreds.

“Let us allow the security services to do their work and that the march – which we, too, want to take part in – be delayed for several weeks,” Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur told reporters at a March 26 news conference alongside Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon.

Following the conference, the organizers of the march announced its cancellation.

“The security of our citizens is an absolute priority,” they said. “Consequently, we completely join the authorities in their proposal to postpone to a later date. We thus ask citizens not to come this Sunday to Brussels.”


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Al-Qaeda takes weapons from U.S.-backed Syrian ‘moderate rebels’

“The Nusra Front arrested U.S.-supplied fighters belonging to FSA’s 30th division last summer and seized their weapons in a major embarrassment to the U.S. government’s train-and-equip program which was meant to support carefully vetted ‘moderate’ rebels,” says this report.

That echoes the President’s language: “We have a Free Syrian Army and a moderate opposition that we have steadily been working with that we have vetted,” said Obama in September 2014. In July 2013, Free Syrian Army fighters entered the Christian village of Oum Sharshouh and began burning down houses and terrorizing the population, forcing 250 Christian families to flee the area.

Worthy News reported that just two days later, Free Syrian Army rebels “targeted the residents of al-Duwayr/Douar, a Christian village close to the city of Homs and near Syria’s border with Lebanon….Around 350 armed militants forcefully entered the homes of Christian families who were all rounded-up in the main square of the village and then summarily executed.” And in September 2013, a day after Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Free Syrian Army as “a real moderate opposition,” the FSA took to the Internet to post videos of its attack on the ancient Syrian Christian city of Maaloula, one of the few places where Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken.

al-qaeda syria

“U.S.-backed Syrian rebels say al-Qaida militants have seized their bases and stolen weapons in a series of raids in the northern Idlib province,” Associated Press, March 13, 2016:

BEIRUT (AP) — Al-Qaeda militants swept through a rebel-held town in northern Syria in a display of dominance Sunday, arresting U.S.-backed fighters and looting weapons stores belonging to the Free Syrian Army.

The militants belonging to the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front along with allied jihadists have been moving to exert their authority over rebel-held areas in Idlib province since a partial ceasefire to the country’s five-year conflict took effect two weeks ago, extinguishing patriotic demonstrations and sidelining nationalist militias.

The FSA’s 13th Division said on Twitter Sunday that Nusra fighters were going door to door in the town of Maarat Numan and arresting its cadres after Nusra, alongside fighters from the Jund al-Aqsa faction, seized Division 13 posts the night before….

The Nusra Front arrested U.S.-supplied fighters belonging to FSA’s 30th division last summer and seized their weapons in a major embarrassment to the U.S. government’s train-and-equip program which was meant to support carefully vetted “moderate” rebels.


Ivory Coast: Jihad murderers killed anyone who refused to scream “Allahu Akbar”

Video: Robert Spencer on CTV News on the jihad massacre in Ivory Coast

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Free Syrian Army fighters with their weapons.

Muslim scholar: London ‘more Islamic’ than Muslim world

He says this is because Islam is all about love and justice and so is London, but let’s get real: when have we ever seen Islam being all about love and justice, anywhere in the world or anytime in history? Still, Rizvi is right: London is “more Islamic” than some Muslim countries. In London, the government actively encourages the practice of Islam, whereas in many Muslim countries the governments are repressive. Remember also that David Cameron is working to make London the “global capital of Islamic finance.” London is racing toward sharia.

Maulana Rizvi

Maulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi

“London ‘more Islamic’ than Muslim world – scholar,” by John Bingham, Telegraph, March 9, 2016:

London is a more “Islamic” city than much of the Muslim world put together, a leading Muslim scholar has argued.

Maulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi, a prominent Shia cleric, who was born in Pakistan and studied in Iran, said he “feels more Islamic” in Britain than other countries because of the freedom to worship and the multicultural mix.

He said Islam could be summed up as being about “love and justice” but that the “Muslim political leadership” around the world was failing to foster this.

He was speaking alongside the Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, and the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis at the annual Benedict XVI Lecture, an interfaith discussion event in London.

The three leaders discussed how members of their own faiths had, in different ways, lived as “creative minorities”.

Maulana Rizvi said that unlike their “Jewish and Christian brothers”, Muslims in Britain were a new community, established for decades rather than centuries, and had a “lot to learn” from other religious groups.

But he added: “I feel that London has more Islamic values than many of the Muslim countries put together.

“There are many different communities living together in peace and harmony, giving respect to the others and loving others and that is what Islam is all about – and unfortunately [much] of the Muslim political leadership has failed to provide that.

“I feel more Islamic living here because I can easily practise my faith and give respect to all other members of the community belonging to different faiths and not even belonging to a faith, to anything.

“Because that is what Islam is all about, respecting and giving to others … if in one line I could say what Islam is all about, it is all about love and justice.”

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on To stay on top of what’s really happening please follow Pamela on Twitter and like her on Facebook here.

To Know Islam, Know Mohammed

The easy way to understand Islam is to know Mohammed’s life story. It is an incredible story that changed the history of the world, and it is even more powerful today. Mohammed is pure Islam. Ninety-one verses in the Koran say that every Muslim is to imitate Mohammed in all things.

Is sex slavery Islamic? Look to Mohammed. He had sex slaves, so when Islamic state has sex slaves, it is Islamic. What are women’s rights in Islam? Look to Mohammed. He said that women could be beaten, had to always obey their husbands and could be part of a harem. He also said that slaves were to be treated well.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of a painting of Mohammed receiving the submission of the Banu Nadir.

The invasion of Banu Nadir took place in August 625 AD (Rabi’ al-awwal, 4 AH) The account is related in Surah Al-Hashr (Chapter 59 – The Gathering) which describes the banishment of the Jewish tribe Banu Nadir who were expelled from Medina after being accused of plotting to assassinate the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

According to the Sealed Nectar, the siege of Banu Nadir did not last long as the Banu Nadir Jews, willingly offered to comply with the Muhammad’s order and leave Madinah. Their caravan counted 600 loaded camels including their chiefs, Huyai bin Akhtab and Salam bin Abi Al-Huqaiq, who left for Khaibar whereas another party shifted to Syria. Two of them embraced Islam, Yameen bin ‘Amr and Abu Sa‘d bin Wahab, and so they retained their personal wealth. Muhammad seized their weapons, land, houses, and wealth. Amongst the other booty he managed to capture, there were 50 armours, 50 helmets, and 340 swords. This booty was exclusively Muhammad’s because no fighting was involved in capturing it. He divided the booty at his own discretion among the early Emigrants and two poor Helpers, Abu Dujana and Suhail bin Haneef.

Muslim migrants arrested for sexually assaulting teen girls at public pool

“This is the second alleged incident involving foreigners at the Arriba swimming pools in just 18 months. In June 2014, a group of seven young immigrant men attacked five schoolgirls aged between 15 and 17, grabbing their breasts and buttocks and ripping the bikini top from one of them in the exact same spot where the weekend attack occurred. Germany has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the distribution of posters in numerous languages aimed at asylum seekers, informing them of correct behaviour towards women.” And for some reason these posters haven’t convinced the Muslim migrants to give up the Qur’an’s teachings about how Muslim men may treat Infidel women. What an unexpected surprise!

Munich - dont touch girls

“Two Afghan migrants are arrested for ‘sexually assaulting’ two young girls at a German swimming pool where a group of schoolgirls had previously been molested by refugees,” by Allan Hall, MailOnline, March 1, 2016:

Two migrants have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two young girls at a public swimming baths in northern Germany.

The Afghan asylum seekers, aged 14 and 34, had reportedly molested the teenagers at a popular aquatics centre in Norderstedt, in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The alleged victims, aged 14 and 18, were reportedly assaulted on Sunday near the water slide at the main pool of the town’s Arriba baths complex.

The frightened girls alerted security staff at the pool who held the men until police arrived. Both were arrested for attempted rape and sexual coercion.

They are being held in custody without bail because they are considered a flight risk and there are fears they may commit further assaults if let free.

This is the second alleged incident involving foreigners at the Arriba swimming pools in just 18 months.

In June 2014, a group of seven young immigrant men attacked five schoolgirls aged between 15 and 17, grabbing their breasts and buttocks and ripping the bikini top from one of them in the exact same spot where the weekend attack occurred.

Germany has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on the distribution of posters in numerous languages aimed at asylum seekers, informing them of correct behaviour towards women.

Local swimming pools have become a focus of efforts to try to educate the new arrivals to respect women and girls, even if they are wearing bathing costumes….


Germany probing Islamic State link to policeman’s stabbing

Muslima who beheaded toddler says she did it as revenge for Russian airstrikes on Muslims in Syria

An 11-year Old Boy is Eye Witness to the Islamic State Massacre at Sinjar

We translate a CNN Arabic video documenting a massacre of Yazidi women and children by the Islamic State in the city of Sinjar in northern Iraq.

WARNING: There are graphic images in this item:

The following is a translation of a CNN Arabic video documenting the massacre of Yazidi women and children by the Islamic State in the city of Sinjar:

Nearly two months after the liberation of Sinjar, the way to the city is still heavily guarded.

The mayor of Sinjar escorted us, to see what is left of his city.

When the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) invaded the Yazidi area, this way was filled with men, women and children, which were gathered from nearly villages.

The mayor took us to the other side of the sand dunes, where ISIS massacred so many Yazidis.

Many of the bones have been left on the ground unburied. No one has come to investigate or document it, said the mayor, who said the situation breaks his heart.

Here, all the women and children who refused to join ISIS were killed.

Eyewitnesses who survived told CNN that the number of the victims in these graves is more than 130. Those killed were ones chosen by the Islamic State to be transferred to the village of Tel A-Afar, which was under ISIS’ control. When they refused, the Islamic State killed most of them.

You can still see pieces of cloth as well as the chains in which the youths and older people were bound, as well as the prayer beads of the Yazidis, which they held onto, praying until the last moment.

You can also see the bullets with which the executioner shot the victims.

The video then cuts to a refugee camp in northern Iraq housing those who managed to escape from the brutal terrorist organization. Kurdish authorities told CNN they have proof that 600 children were kidnapped from Sinjar and the surrounding Yazidi villages. Around 200 of them were able to escape and are now living in camps all over Kurdish-controlled areas.

Nouri el-Falach, 11, is one fortunate escapee. His family was kidnapped on the same day that the massacre happened.

Nouri with his grandmother

Nouri with his grandmother,

When he refused to join the Islamic State training camp in Tel A-Afar, ISIS jihadis beat him savagely, fracturing three bones in his ankle, but spared his life.

Another child, Nouri’s brother Saman, 5, was taken to the ISIS training camp and beaten daily by his captors.  



Both eventually circumvented ISIS’ checkpoints and managed to escape.

Their grandmother, Rawa Chalf, said the children told what they saw when the ISIS jihadis killed the children who refused to join the training. Rawa said the children are still in a state of shock. Nouri wakes up every night terrified that he is being choked. Saman suffers from panic attacks.

As the camera pans away, smoke can be seen from afar from attacks on an ISIS camp.

The mass graves can be found in the one of the valleys that lead to the border with the area still under control of the Islamic State.

On the ground, the mayor discovers what seems to be a part of a child’s skull. He picks it up and puts it above the grave.

He tells us that he hopes that one day, the area will be safe enough that the murdered children can be identified.

The full video can be viewed by clicking here.

Get a preview of Clarion Project’s upcoming film, Faithkeepers, about the violent persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East. The film features exclusive footage and testimonials of Christians, Baha’i, Yazidis, Jews, and other minority refugees, and a historical context of the persecution in the region.


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Kindergarten Children Reenact ISIS Massacre on Hizbullah-Iraq TV

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Nouri el-Falach, 11, who miraculously survived the massacre. Nouri’s family was kidnapped on the same day the massacre happened. When he refused to join the Islamic State, jihadis beat him savagely, fracturing three bones in his ankle.

Entire Muslim communities threatening Christians in refugee camps

These churchmen are courageous enough to note this problem when most of their colleagues are encouraging it to grow larger. But what do they think will happen when these Muslim refugees are fully settled in Germany? Do they think they will stop persecuting Christians then? Europe is committing suicide before our eyes.

“Christian refugees are under threat from other asylum seekers, says German bishop,” Catholic Herald, February 19, 2016:

The Archbishop of Cologne has warned that Christian refugees are being threatened by other asylum seekers in refugee camps, according to a report in The Tablet.

Speaking at an ecumenical service in Dusseldorf last Saturday, Cardinal Rainer Woelki said: “Concern is growing that politicians and the authorities might not be taking such threats seriously enough. Christian persecution is not a topic of bygone ages,” he warned.

He said Germany must speak out more loudly for religious freedom rights, a right that Christians in Muslim countries also had. “That is what we demand,” Woelki said.

That kind of talk, if Woelki follows its logical progression, will lead him right into Islamic theology. It is virtually certain that he will not follow it that far.

Meanwhile, Gottfried Martens, a Protestant pastor told that the “mobbing” of Christian refugees in refugee camps in Germany was increasing.

He said it was no longer rare for entire Muslim communities in refugee shelters to threaten Christians.

He claimed that Christians had been forced to watch videos of beheadings, were barred from using the kitchen because they were “unclean” and had been beaten up and their crosses removed from their necks.

As a solution, he suggested accommodation Muslims and Christians separately. He said: “In our efforts to be tolerant, which are in themselves praiseworthy, we cannot just let Christians become some kind of guinea pigs.

I can hear Catholic bishops in Europe and the U.S. responding, “Oh, yes we can.”

“Whenever I talk to politicians, I’m told that the churches do not think that separate housing is necessary and I’m left looking stupid.”

Yes, the Church as a whole seems determined to ignore and deny the Muslim persecution of Christians.


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Syrian Christian: “We could become Muslims and live normal life in Raqqa, we could leave, or we could stay and pay jizya”